Legal and Notary Services

The Level International organization coordinates with network partners in the fields of civil, contract, IP, banking, finance, e-commerce, trade, energy, aviation, maritime and immigration law. Our partners prepare contracts, notarial deeds, residency permit applications and are capable of presenting our clients in courts.

Our team orchestrates and leads in tax and TP projects to achieve comprehensive, fast, and effective solutions within the ever-changing business and legal landscape. We also assist directors of legal entities to execute tax compliance and to obtain legal and tax opinions as required.

Having been board members and entrepreneurs ourselves, we know the importance of the legal angle. We have experience solving the puzzle to achieve compliant legal angles in real-time and at an acceptable level of expense.

For the Netherlands, Turkey and other selected jurisdictions the network partners provide notary services for incorporation of legal entities, inheritances and real estate transactions.  

Request International Consultation

Request International Consultation

We have a highly experienced, diverse and international team who can listen to your needs, quickly evaluate options and offer an integrated tax and corporate solution at an attractive price.