Director, Legal Counsel

E-mail: ozlem@level-international.com

+31 (0) 20 227 2581

Ozlem is legal counsel and director at Level International and specialised in corporate law issues including company formation. During her career, Ozlem has worked on corporation law to provide consultation about corporate foundation processes and assist her clients along the way. The consultation includes corporate foundation procedures, reporting obligations and employment issues.

In addition to the traditional employment issues such as termination agreements and payroll procedures, Ozlem has been working on the subject of employment regulations in Turkey focused on regulations of employment agreements, remote work, co-employment and work permissions for foreign employees.

Since successfully completed her internship in 2010, she is registered at Istanbul Bar. She has worked as a lawyer and legal counsel in leading law firms in Istanbul.

She has also represented her clients in the areas of contracts law, commercial law, labour law and provided legal consultancy to those clients she worked with. The areas of her expertise include corporate law including company formation, commercial law, information technology, e-commerce law, labour law and energy law.

She graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Law and completed the Mediation Training in Istanbul University Continuous Education Center. Ozlem speaks English fluently.

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