Transfer Pricing Services

Level International transfer pricing services cater to all transfer pricing needs of any international businesses.

TP Documentation

We prepare transfer pricing documentation and studies in accordance with the latest OECD and in-country documentation requirements. The three-tiered documentation approach as familiar to us. When preparing TP strategy, studies and documentation, we encourage our clients to simultaneously conduct cross functional team work improvement such that robustness of documentation is enhanced, tax audits are managed with ease and tax rulings are more obtained on attractive financial and operational terms. We encourage our clients to pro-actively leverage this compliance burden for tax risk as well as operating expenses reduction.

We are equipped to prepare:

  • Master files
  • Country-by-Country Reporting
  • Transfer pricing forms
  • Local files
  • Benchmarking studies and Comparability analysis

Transfer pricing documentation services of Level International are fully integrated as shown below.

TP Consultancy

Before preparing documentation, we conduct a quick scan and comprehensive transfer pricing risk and opportunity assessment. We assess areas for value creation, risk reduction, opex reduction, enhanced team work and possibilities to strike pro-active agreements with local tax authorities. We find transfer pricing can become a neutral topic for a variety of teams to work together on. Thus, we turn TP into a value driver. We offer:

  • TP due to diligence
  • TP health check
  • TVR, TP value and risk analysis
  • Business Model and TP alignment study
  • Policy adherence checks
  • In-group service analysis and economic benefit test
  • Internal TP audit and statutory, corporate accounting and ERP reconciliation
  • Customs valuation and TP value versus risk assessment

Transfer Pricing Technology Services

Through Tinvento technology solutions, our clients can:

  • Monitor intercompany transactions
  • List all intercompany transactions
  • Add external benchmarking results and compare with actual results
  • Compare the target and actual profitability of group companies
  • Calculate adjustment ratios and amounts for intercompany transactions
Request International Consultation

Request International Consultation

We have a highly experienced, diverse and international team who can listen to your needs, quickly evaluate options and offer an integrated tax and corporate solution at an attractive price.